Organic Outreach Conference

Organic Outreach Conference

November 09, 2017

  • Shoreline Community Church
  • 2500 Garden Road
  • Monterey, CA 93940

Everyone is searching for something. There is an itch in the soul that just can't be reached. A longing in the heart that never seems to be fulfilled. A hunger deep inside that never feels satisfied. This itch, longing, hunger drives people to fill their souls with something...anything. Sadly, these "placeholders" leave people feeling more empty. They don't satisfy...they can't.

Our souls long for lasting grace, passionate love, tender mercy. Only God can give these. As the people around us search, seek, partake, indulge, and try to fill the emptiness deep inside, we know what they are looking for. We have come to the fountain. We are filled with the heavenly bread. We are loved beyond description. We are full and overflowing. We have met Jesus!

Join us at the 2017 Organic Outreach Conference as we learn to naturally point others to the only one who can satisfy their deepest longings and fulfill their greatest hunger.



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  •    PO Box 50, Portland, OR 97207

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