December 18, 2014

Haiti 2014 Collaboration Recap

HAITI Republic of Joy Festivals 2014
by Daisy Cummings / For immediate release.

In November 2014 the Global Ministries Foundation, Luis Palau Next Generation Alliance and the JA Perez Evangelistic Association united in partnership to reach some of the most forgotten cities in Haiti. Rev. Richard Hamlet was the Lead Evangelist for this project, he was accompanied by his wife Ginger Hamlet and their son Lucian Hamlet, collaborating with Evangelists Georgina Verzal, Matt Kearney, John Andrus, Mark Johnston, Ray Centanni and the world renowned reggae band Christafari. Some of the team members left the states shortly after their Thanksgiving dinner. The event, which was advertised by local radio and television to take place in three remote cities extended the outreach to five. This was by far one of the most challenging missions that members of this team have faced. From delayed planes arriving to the Port-au-Prince airport to last minute changes in itineraries; which separated the team during the first two days. Some travelled to Jeremie by a chartered bus and others in a small aircraft.


The first festival began in Corail. Which is where the group was finally united for the first time. The journey to this city was on a narrow one lane road with a little bit of everything: shaky bridges, beautiful ocean views, cows or goats tied up on the edge of the road, women with huge baskets on their heads, rocks in a variety of colors and much more. The wheels of the bus were just a few inches away from the cliff of the mountain. There is a reason it is so hard for these cities to be reached.

On the first day of the festival a multitude of children gathered around the platform following Mark Johnston, who is an expert gathering a crowd without an interpreter in sight. Shortly after, John Andrus joined the action drawing the youth and children with his bike stunts. The night part of the festival began with an opening and prayer from local pastors supporting the event. Followed by Christafari and local talent.

On the second morning Ginger Hamlet and Georgina Verzal preached the word of God to a church filled with women. They sang and danced in praise, grateful for the message that touched their hearts. While in another church, Matt Kearny and Ray Centanni brought an inspiring message to leaders regarding evangelism and leadership. These trainings were followed by humanitarian work. This altruistic effort included giving dresses to little girls (handmade by one of the evangelist's wife) which were distributed on all three cities. This was a life changing experience for some little girls in desperate need of clothes. At the proclamation part of the festival, Evangelist Richard Hamlet delivered the message and many responded to the call. The first night about 4000 people heard the word of God being proclaimed and more than 4500 on the second night of the event. On the last night of the festival in Corail, all the local Pastors were invited to the platform by Rev. Hamlet and the team gathered to pray for them. In this first city, regardless of the trials, it was an amazing start to this glorious project.


The journey to this city was once again strenuous. Roads were unpredictable and on the way own the mountain, once again the sound of collapsing rocks rumbled under the bus. A new sound came from under the bus this time, it was a flat tire right before we reached the precipice. Even the flat tire proved the providence of God. It happened in front of a house and one of the team members dedicated all the time it took to preaching the gospel to this family while others were dealing with the tire issue. It took a while, but it got fixed with the help of John Andrus and his tiny BMX bike pump.

In the morning women and men were divided in two different churches. Georgina Verzal and Ginger Hamlet preached a message of encouragement specific to the needs of the women. They were tremendously touched by the message. At the same time, in another church Ray Centanni and Matt Kearny prepared local leaders with an evangelism training. Shortly after receiving messages tailored to their needs the team then went to do street evangelism. After that, the humanitarian work began. Hundreds of people were fed as the team worked together to defeat all the challenges, one of them being the rain. 

On the first night of the festival more than 1500 attended. Rejoicing and dancing to Christafari's praise to God.

The second night in Beaumont it rained consecutively for hours. The team was unable to set up but decided to minister from a balcony to about two hundred people who gathered to hear the gospel under the rain.


The third city was Roseaux. There was so much rain the night before that roads were slippery and covered in mud. Several vehicles blocked the one lane road when they got stuck. The two hour journey turned into nearly twice the amount of time. Once there, the team ministered to more than 1500 people. Following the message and call many made decisions for Christ.

The next day in Roseaux... the early morning program had to be postponed due to street anti-government manifestations. When the riots concluded, the team was able to resume the program and do the leaders training, humanitarian work and the children's fest. At night, after Christafari’s music presentations, Evangelist Hamlet again presented the message of salvation and thousands responded.

The team was back in Jeremie for the seventh day of the journey in Haiti, ready to rejoice in the much anticipated Christafari city-wide concert. A large multitude gathered to hear the music and the word. Again, thousands made decisions to follow Christ.

On Sunday the team—as it is already a custom in all of our missionary projects—spread out to minister to the local congregations. A number of churches were blessed by the evangelists, who were accompanied by a national interpreter which assisted each of them in communicating and edifying the body of Christ; motivating them to keep the on-going work of evangelism in the city.

ONE Ville

The fifth and final city visited by the team was ONE Ville. A small town close to the Dominican Republic’s border. This was the closing of the whole project. The evangelists and musicians ministered to the congregation, showing gratitude to the Haitian members of the project.

The fruits

● In this 2014 Republic of Joy Haiti project more than 6,100 nationals responded to the messages and made decisions to follow Christ.
● The churches were edified by the conferences and trainings.
● Leaders were equipped and activated to keep the work of evangelism in their cities.
● Unity was built among the pastors and churches as a result of working together in this project.
● The team was able to show the love of Christ through the humanitarian effort and practical work in these cities with great need.

Regardless of the complications the team worked together to complete the project and give Glory to God. Everyone involved was blessed in one way or another... We praise God for the opportunity to serve the people of Haiti one more time. To God be the Glory.

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