February 23, 2015

God Loves Kenya 2015 Report

The God Loves Kenya festival outreach is far from over. The collaborative team worked with over 250 pastors from 3 cities in the Lake Victoria areas who are now so excited to see what God has done through their unity. They are determined to continue that unity to bring Christ's life changing transformation and salvation to their area in Kenya forever. They have seen such a powerful response to their people and lives changed that will transform families, marriages, their huge AIDs problems, parent / child relationships, and strengthening youth so they don't get swayed by Islamic radicals. The faith they are exposing their people to is bringing a tremendous change to their culture.


Praise God for His work in Kenya where approx. 59,655 attended the 6 day - 3 city festival and approx. 18,000 accepted Christ as Savior. The 23 person team from all over the US and South Africa ministered to hundreds of children each day. Bible teachers ministered to approx. 65 church leaders and 55 ladies each day in Biblical teaching studies and leadership in the local church. During the outreach 300 reading glasses and 150 children's dresses and shorts (made by our local church ladies) were distributed, 100 "wordless" Gospel bracelets were explained and given to children, over 800 dental fluoride treatments were administered, and over 1,000 Gospels of John were given out.

The BMX sports team shared with over 1,500 students at 3 schools and over 10,000 at the festivals. Many came to Christ there. Over 250 pastors are now dedicated to stay unified to continue to reach the Lake Victoria area in Kenya with the Gospel.

Ministry continues:

The pastors have asked the team to return in July 2015 to continue training pastors in Biblical teaching, application life studies, leadership, and family ministries so that the work with continue and increase.  A small team will return in July to help develop children's, youth and family ministries as well as more evangelism training.

Please pray for the increase and transformational ministry there in the future. Collaboration and unity have made a huge difference there and they all wish it to continue.


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