2014 Annual Survey Results

April 01, 2015

2014 Annual Survey Results

Written By: NGA Team

Thank you to all of our members who filled in our annual survey!  We use these results to guide our decisions about things like webinar topics and areas you need personal coaching in, as well as to pray for each of you.  The results below are based off of 78 respondants.  The numerical data is to give you a sense of the larger group you are joined with in reaching people for Christ.  

Numerical Data

Total Reach via:

  • Traditional media: 13.4 million (average: 263,000)
  • Number of Events: 3,000 (average: 50)
  • Event attendance: 2.4 million (average: 40,000)
  • Other methods: 600,000 (average: 13,500)

Ministry Fruit:

  • First time decisions: 240,000 (average: 4,000)
  • Rededications: 91,000 (average: 2,000)

Partnering Churches: 5,700 (average: 90)

People Trained in Evangelism: 37,000 (average: 671)

Collaborative Events: 650 – with some overlap (average: 10)


Member Needs

Top 3 areas NGA could provide coaching in:

  1. Major Donor Development
  2. Building a Successful Team
  3. Fundraising

annual survey 2014 chart 1

Members’ Organization strength (self-assessed):

annual survey 2014 chart 2


annual survey 2014 chart 3






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