March 18, 2015

Global Training Network

The vision of Global Training Network (GTN) is to provide quality biblical and theological training to thousands of indigenous church planters, pastors and Christian leaders throughout the Majority World, so that these pastors and leaders can then effectively equip and lead their congregations to evangelize and disciple their communities for Christ.

For every training event, we tailor the curriculum to fit with what the primary needs are of the pastors and leaders that we will be training. We work closely with a few key, trusted, mature, godly indigenous pastors and leaders who give us guidance and direction for what is needed most. Training topics include: hermeneutics, homiletics, discipleship, evangelism, leadership development, marriage, counseling and surveys of both Old and New Testaments.  The various training modules will cover the following doctrines: God, Christ, Holy Spirit, the Trinity, Scripture, Salvation, the Church, nature of man, nature of sin and future things.

Our staff also strive to provide a solid, well-balanced curriculum that is laid out over a one to three year period of time, in which our staff will teach one to two weeks’ worth of training every three to six months until all of the pastors and leaders have completed the entire customized set of curriculum.  Our training events usually range in size from 15 to 250 pastors and leaders. We usually provide all of the curriculum and other theological resources.

If you would like to find out more about GTN training events, contact [email protected].



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