January 08, 2015

Taking Donors Seriously

Written By: The FOCUS Group

Taking Donors Seriously® Online training can help you make a bigger impact in the world by equipping you to be more effective at raising the financial support that is critical to your work. TDS is a relational framework for fundraising that is based on time-tested principles, and has been successfully used by individuals and organizations for over 30 years.

TDS training is now available anywhere, anytime. The 12-week training program includes a series of concise online training videos, practical assignments to apply what you’re learning, and one-on-one calls with an experienced coach.

For more information, please visit www.TakingDonorsSeriously.com.

"I suspect that, for most of us, our aversion to “fundraising” has to do with viewing it as just asking people for money. Taking Donors Seriously® has removed that aversion for me by helping me to see that “fundraising,” at its core, is about building and maintaining relationships. It is an investment in people that goes far beyond simply asking them for money. 

We are a relatively small ministry and I am a part-time, novice development director. In a very real sense, everyone on our staff is on the front line of development and I have found the principles from Taking Donors Seriously® relevant and transferable enough that I am sharing them with our whole staff at weekly staff meetings. 

I really believe that Taking Donors Seriously® has been a huge jump forward in my education as a development director." 

Paul Null, Development Director, Reid Saunders Association


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