Top 10 Mistakes in Festival Coordination

August 20, 2013

Top 10 Mistakes in Festival Coordination

Written By: Chris McFarland and Brett Butcher

From Connect '13: The classical scholar Erasmus said, “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.” In other words, someone with some knowledge is better than someone with no knowledge. Festival Coordination is a puzzle some have success with but no one has solved. Come collaborate with us as we discuss calendar management and event operations.


Brett Butcher is Executive Director of the Reid Saunders Association, using his strength of administration and his heart for evangelism and discipleship to provide leadership. He has led mission teams to Asia, Africa, South and Central America, and Europe and directed the Salem RiverFest. Brett worked at a Salem-area church and helped with a church plant prior to joining RSA, coordinating international events and equipping churches for evangelism. Brett also serves as adjunct faculty at Corban University where he and Reid Saunders teach a class on evangelism. Brett and his wife Shannon have three children: Sarina, Owen and Noelle.

Chris McFarland joined the PULSE team in November of 2010 after seven years with the Luis Palau Association, where he served as a Festival Director in the Twin Cities, Orlando, Nashville, Portland, and San Diego. In each city, Chris built a team from the ground up and oversaw all operations of the year long process from budget formation, fundraising, civic relations, and church relations. His ultimate goal was to set the stage for over a half a million to hear the Gospel. He is now the Executive Director of PULSE, which was founded by Nick Hall, bringing strong leadership and a gift of vision implementation to the growing ministry. The PULSE team has since increased in size and effectiveness, and is mobilizing to quickly reach more of the upcoming generation than ever before. Chris currently lives in Minneapolis with his wife of fourteen years, Jami, and their daughter Elle (3) and son Lincoln (2).


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