The Courage to Share

The Courage to Share

Christians in their effectual calling, are not called to idleness, but to labor in God’s vineyard, and spend their day in doing a great and laborious service.

~ Jonathan Edwards

There is a long held belief that the term “creative artist” belongs to an exclusive group of people such as musicians, actors, writers, directors, producers and artists. This is a fallacy. We are made in the image of the ultimate creative artist—God, therefore, we are all creative, and absolutely everything we undertake as human beings is infused with creativity.  

Be that as it may, effective evangelism, while being creative, is also about being courageous. Your willingness to creatively and courageously use whatever platform available to you to boldly share the love of Christ with others is what makes you an effectual evangelist. The platform itself is not what’s important; the use of that platform is.

I am a drummer, author, speaker and teacher, and these are unique platforms that give me the opportunity to connect to people. They function as portals that lead me to the hearts of people.

Regardless of our unique and individual talents, present occupation, or where life takes us daily, most of us are around people on a consistent basis. To be an effective evangelist we must adopt a heart of love for those people the way God does. A good parent loves their children more than anything. A good God loves His children more than anything. We are all His creation. When we love what He loves, we begin to walk as He would— IN LOVE.

There are countless creative ways to express our love to people, and that’s really the noblest use of our creative DNA. Demonstrating love in ways that personally resonate with those in need of it, is what matters most (1 John 3:18). How we sing a song, produce a movie, or write a book means little if we don’t adopt a genuine heart for the lost (2 Corinthians 5:14). To miss that is to miss being a light in a dark world (2 Corinthians 4:6).

The more love we maintain in our heart for the lost, the more concerned we’ll be for their present wellbeing and eternal destination (Romans 9:22).

Each day presents us with ample opportunity to be an ambassador of God’s love to people through our daily interaction with them. When I am afforded enough time with a stranger, I will share the love of Christ with them, but usually after taking interest in them first as a person. My interest in their life demonstrates my care and concern for them. If I haven’t accomplished that, I haven’t been a very beneficial agent of love.

God’s unconditional love is what all mankind is in desperate need of (1 John 4:16). When people feel the genuine love of God from us, they’ll take more interest in discovering the source of that love for themselves.

After sharing the Gospel, I’ll often send that person a Bible and a few books I think will minister to them to close the deal. This takes time, effort and money— not creative talent.

I have to purchase the items, package them, and stand in the line at the post office to ship them out. If they live in a foreign country I’ll have to pay quite a bit more for the shipping, and fill out the long form, which is an added hassle. I’m not telling you this to get a pat on the back. I share this simple strategy because it works! Nevertheless, it does require an investment of time, energy and money.

I see this as a golden opportunity to invest in a person’s eternity, and that’s worth the effort to me, because honestly, what is worth more than a human soul (Mark 8:37)? Nothing! When strangers see us go to such great lengths to demonstrate our care for their spiritual wellbeing, this can have a tremendously positive impact on them, which in turn could lead them into a personal relationship with God.

We can’t force anyone to receive Christ as Lord and Savior, nor would we want to. It would mean nothing to God unless it was by their choice anyhow. We can, however, display a love they rarely experience from our self-centered generation (Matthew 5:44). This in turn draws them to the light of God’s love (John 8:12).

Our most important work is not done in performance mode when the camera is on. It’s not for show. It’s not for applause. It is done in secret as you courageously tell people about one who loves them and wants to be their friend—Jesus (James 2:23).


Zoro is a world-renowned and award-winning drummer who has toured and recorded with Lenny Kravitz, Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, Bobby Brown, The New Edition, Philip Bailey of Earth, Wind & Fire and many others.

One of seven children, Zoro was raised in abject poverty by a single immigrant mother who faced incredible financial, physical and racial hardships. At age 11 he invited Jesus into his heart.

A husband, father, and ordained minister, Zoro established Zoro International Ministries (ZIM), to equip people with the essential tools needed to discover, develop, and deploy their God-given gifts in order to live a life of intention, impact, and adventure.

An evangelist, teacher, and encourager, Zoro authored Soar! 9 Proven Keys for Unlocking Your Limitless Potential and The Big Gig: Big-Picture Thinking for Success. Zoro captures audiences and readers with his engagingly winsome spirit, sense of humor, and unmistakably hip style. See more at,, or connect with him on Facebook

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