Can You See the Harvest?

Can You See the Harvest?

“Stop the car, I want to take a picture!” I shouted to my driver. We were in the nation of Nepal driving past a harvest field and two women were using sickles to cut the grain. It was the perfect opportunity to pull out my camera.

As I snapped the photo, I was reminded of what Jesus said to his disciples, “Pray that the Lord of the harvest would send out laborers into his harvest fields" (Luke 10:2). Jesus was not looking at a natural harvest of grain. He was thinking about a spiritual harvest of people.

“God, give me a harvest of souls in this place,” I prayed. As an answer to my prayer, God allowed our ministry to build a church building on a plot of land overlooking the very field where I took that picture. When was the last time you asked God to give you a harvest of souls?

Here are four elements of the harvest that will stir you to pray for people to be saved.

1. The Look of the Harvest. Jesus told His disciples to look at the harvest. When I think about the spiritual harvest fields of the world, I see a young Hindu girl starving in India, an elderly Muslim man praying towards Mecca, an American family shopping at the grocery store, children in Mexico happily playing soccer, an African man herding his precious cows, a Buddhist monk chanting and burning incense, and a stoic soldier of North Korea guarding the border. I have seen each of these people with my own eyes. If you lift up your eyes and look with the eyes of Jesus, you may see different individuals, but like me, you will see the fields are ripe for harvest.

2. The Lord of the Harvest. God the Father is the Lord of the harvest and He places no limits on the harvest. He wants all men to be saved; He promises to pour out His Spirit on all flesh; He wants us to go into all the world. God’s heartbeat is for souls. Oh, that our hearts would beat with the same cadence!

3. The Laborers of the Harvest. Jesus warned that the laborers would be few. After Jesus told the disciples to pray for laborers, I believe the disciples obeyed and prayed because in the next verse Jesus sends the disciples out as laborers and gives them authority to do the same miracles He did. The disciples became the answer to their own prayers. I believe every follower of Jesus is called to work in the harvest fields by praying, giving or going. Go and say, or stay and pray, or help pay the way.               

4. The Length of the Harvest. When is the Gospel not good news? When it arrives too late. There is only a brief window of time during which the harvest is ripe. We must make use of this valuable time. The harvest will soon be past; only what is done for Christ will last. These are the last days. Jesus is coming soon. Time is short. We must make every second count for God. 

Daniel King

Daniel King started preaching as an evangelist at the age of six. His parents became missionaries to Mexico when he was ten and throughout his teen years he did children’s evangelism. He met his wife in the middle of Africa on a mission trip. Today, Daniel is a missionary evangelist who has visited sixty-nine nations in his quest for souls. He has led over 2,000,000 people in a salvation prayer and he is happily married with two children.  

Daniel will give you three of his e-books as a gift if you visit his ministry website: can check out his books on Amazon here

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