Joni Shepherd

Joni Shepherd

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After growing up as a missionary kid, Joni found herself pregnant at age 18. Going to her church for help, she was instead shamed while being given no solutions or support. She went to Planned Parenthood thinking they'd help her "plan to be a parent." Instead, they advised her it was just a piece of tissue and a bad time to be pregnant. Wanting to believe them she had an abortion. Still numb from that experience and feeling it didn't matter what she did now, she found herself pregnant again nine months later. This time she knew to skip the church and go straight to the clinic. The trauma from abortion was horrific: rage, nightmares, suicidal thoughts, inability to bond with a later child, and much more. The domino effect led to other consequential choices. Eventually she was blessed to find a Bible study that took her through a grieving process.

Many are traumatized by abortion, but most women (and men) go through their whole lives with no one to talk about it. With Hope and Grace International, she hopes to change that by opening the conversation in the church. Recent studies show that the majority of women who have abortions identify with the Christian faith. Yet the church rarely addresses it in such a way that leads people to healing, educates about the complications of abortion, or provides support for those who choose life. HGI's mission is to educate ministry leaders about abortion in the church in order to bring hope and grace to those affected by it and make it unthinkable for everyone else. Let's take it back from the political realm and examine it in light of God's grace. There is no hope without the grace of God!


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