Bishop Kevin Foreman

Bishop Kevin Foreman

Harvest Church


Bishop Foreman is a multi-dimensional man who has devoted his life to changing lives. Bishop Foreman spent his formative years in an area riddled with the plight that often accompanies the inner-city. From humble beginnings, through God’s amazing grace, he has defied statistics & transcended superficial boundaries. Today, he is an influential pastor, successful church planter, bishop, success coach, in-demand speaker, author, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and known as an “architect of excellence.” Bishop Foreman is the founder and Chancellor of Harvest Bible College, a Christian Bible college whose mission is to equip the next generation of leadership in the Body of Christ. Recently, Bishop Foreman celebrated successfully shedding over 95 pounds through simple, yet powerful lifestyle changes as a testament to God’s desire for us to walk in His "shalom," where nothing is missing, nothing is lacking, nothing is broken & all is well.
Why Join: Exposure to the wisdom to conduct greater outreach and evangelism events.


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