Craig Wright

Craig Wright



Craig is a professional mountain bike trials rider who does an action sports show completely centered on the Gospel of Christ. Over the past five years "Cwtrials" has developed one of the top bike trials shows in the country. He is also a missionary to New England with the North American Mission Board.

Imagine someone jumping their bike up onto a 40” high platform without any jumps or ramps. Or standing still balanced on the rear wheel of a bicycle before jumping eight feet! Cwtrials shows are interactive and show a level of riding most people have never seen. Throughout the show Craig uses the bike to create analogies to the trials of life, our need for a savior, and the Gospel itself. We've worked to created different presentations that are effective for children, youth, and adults.

The Cwtrials show is completely plug and play. All you need to provide is a relatively flat space and power for the sound system. Although located in New Hampshire, Craig is able to travel for events.


  • Whitsett NC United States


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