Lourdes Delacruz

Lourdes Delacruz

Hope and Love


“Miracles only occur when motivated by the love of Jesus.”

I am a Christ follower, evangelist, apostle, mother and hopeful that anyone’s lives can change if they pick up their cross and follow God/Jesus.

My life has been an intensive training in Social Justice for as long as I can remember. From watching my grandmother cook for the people in the local jail and bringing them the word of God, to watching my father be the “go-to” person in our neighborhood, to my mother organizing reading programs for our communities, and even to me gathering the children in our neighborhood when I was 5 years old to watch the TV programs as they didn't have cable. As a teenager I would also volunteer in the local public hospitals, literacy programs for adults and GED teaching.

As an adult much of my life has been dedicated to helping others, and learning new ways to do so. In 2015 I earned a certificate in Organizational Leadership from the New York City Leadership Center. They have been a significant contributor to my education in this area. I have been attending the Global leadership summits for two years, Movement day conferences, Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) conferences for Social Justice, the Not On My Watch Human trafficking and Domestic violence prevention tour, which I was part of the team that designed the Logo and Social media.

From 2014 to 2015, I worked closely with the Washington Heights and Inwood Faith Based Initiative from which the Washington Heights/Inwood Pathways Mentoring Program was born, where community leaders and faith leaders mentor at risk middle schoolers and high schoolers, I was one of the founders of the mentoring program.

At Redeemer City Lab I learned how to build relationships among other things. I have also taken the Young Life Quest Training for Leaders, a program in which one learns to first develop a strong and personal relationship with other people before moving into other aspects of the mission. Part of the Intervarsity organization’s 4-week series of the Undivided documentary led by Jonathan Walton, we learned how a city was changed by the churches and the city officials coming together. I have also been part of a group of people who started one church and re-organized another one, both non-denominational and social-justice based. After all of that in 2015 I received a call from God to church plant, to help in Shepparding, healing, teach and equiping the homeless, Gang members, drug dealers, the poor and much more.


  • Yonkers New York United States


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