NGA Collaborative Outreach Reports

NGA Collaborative Outreach Reports

We rejoice as the Lord uses NGA members in collaborative outreaches & missions— working together to serve God's people and share the Good News of Jesus Christ with the world! Send us updates, news, and praise reports for your collaborative outreaches so we can continue to rejoice in the victory of Jesus and pray for you and your families.

The following links are from NGA members’ ministry websites, which share reports of their collaborative outreaches in 2019:

January 2019 | Reid Saunders Association | La Vega, Dominican Republic Mission Outreach 

February 2019 | Luis Palau Association | Love Cote d'Ivoire with Andrew Palau Festival 

February 2019 | On The Go Ministries - Keith Cook | Eldore, Kenya Outreach 

March 2019 | Reid Saunders Association | Ormoc, Philippines Festival & Outreach

March 2019 | ETeam Global & Roman Baranowski | Russia Mission & Training Conference 

March 2019 |  Lagos Conference for Evangelists 

March 2019 | Jose Zayas Evangelism | NGA European Outeach Events

March 2019 | NGA Evangelism Training Santiago, Chile


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