Belize Festival of Hope 2017

Belize Festival of Hope 2017

July 15, 2017

  • Belize, Central America

On July 15-24, 2017 an army of missionaries, ministers, musicians, medical personal, and performing artists will invade Belize with a mission to show the love of Christ to the entire nation. King Ministries International in partnership with many other ministries will be hosting this event.

About the Country:
Belize was originally a British colony and gained its independence in 1981. It still retains ties to Great Britain, and like Canada and Australia, it has the Queen of England on all the currency. Belize is next to Guatemala and Mexico so part of it feels like Central America, but it is also next to the Caribbean so part of it feels like Jamaica.

It is an intriguing nation of approximately 340,000 people.

  • 53% of Belize speaks Spanish.
  • 20% of Belize speaks English.
  • 17% of Belize speaks Creole, an English and African mix.

Ministry Opportunities

A Three Day Children’s Festival for the poorest kids in Belize City.

  • Youth Outreaches
  • Pastor’s Conference
  • Woman’s Conference
  • Visiting Orphanages
  • Preaching in Local Churches
  • Medical Clinics
  • Sports Outreaches

Satellite Festivals
Our goal is to reach every state in Belize. We are looking for co-evangelists who will adopt each district. The cost to adopt a district is between $10,000-$25,000. Each co-evangelist will be responsible for raising up a team to impact your district. Our goal is to bring at least 150 missionaries to Belize so we can saturate the entire nation with acts of service and love.

  • Cayo District
  • Orange Walk District
  • Corozal District
  • Stann Creek District
  • Toledo District

The Festival
A three-day festival will take place in Belize City, July 20-22. On July 22, the final day of the outreach, the entire nation will be invited to join together for a massive all-day celebration of Jesus Christ.

The cost for each individual to participate will be around $2,000 (this amount can change depending on the cost of the airline tickets).

Contact Information
If you want to participate in reaching Belize with the Gospel, please contact Daniel King at 918-851-5463 or [email protected].


  • [email protected]
  •    503.614.1500
  •    PO Box 50, Portland, OR 97207

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